Emlak Konut


Ongoing Project


The Idealist Koru project is located at the center of Şile. Named after the surrounding woodland, this project catches natural sunlight all day with no obstructions.

Located at the highest point of the project, the recreational facility will offer an incredible vantage point and will include an outdoor swimming pool, café, and children’s playground.

The project features 68 units:

Six units are “1+1”, 40 are “2+1”, 10 are “3+1” Garden Duplexes, and 12 are Triplex Twin Villas.All apartments in the project will include their own gardens ranging from 25 to 150 m². The intelligent lot design ensures no building will obstruct the view of others.

Our apartments have large living rooms with open kitchens and storage areas.

Each apartment can be used year-round with benefits that involve combi boilers, air conditioning, built-in appliances, and private parking.


Project Images :