Emlak Konut


Ongoing Project


Through Emlak Konut Vadi Evleri project, a distinguished life in Bahçekent will be brought to life for you. Emlak Konut Vadi Evleri will increase your quality of life by providing you with the opportunity of enjoying the nature of the Hoşdere Nation's Garden located right next to it, and of enjoying the ease of transportation.

The green surroundings will be adding to your distinguished life there, where peace and safety are all around. You will start your day full of energy in your green surroundings, and you will end every day in a calm and peaceful way. Emlak Konut Vadi Evleri, will open for you, your family and your loved ones the doors of an energetic life with its fitness center, sauna, swimming pool and many more. A comfortable, safe and peaceful life will welcome you with its houses prepared with a horizontal architectural concept. You will live happily and enjoy every moment there.