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Ongoing Project

İstanbul Finance Center

Regional and global financial center of Istanbul that targets planned to be built on an area of approximately 300,000 m2, Istanbul Financial Center (IFM) Project; pioneer of the banking sector, state-owned banks such as the Central Bank, Ziraat Bank, Halk Bank, Vakıflar Bankası, public institutions such as the SPK and BBDK, projects to be developed on land ownership of private sector - T.A.O. with Enisler and İş REIT Inc. and it will be representative and pioneer of innovative and sustainable development.

Located within the boundaries of Istanbul Province, Ümraniye; Istanbul Finance Centre in the declared area has been approved with 1/5000 Scale Master Plan and 1/1000 Scale Implementation Construction Plan , 19.06.2012 dated and 28/9522 numbered Approval of TC Ministry of Environment and Urban Development. Construction implementation process in accordance with Articles of 15, 16 and 17 of 3194 Act has been approved by the 24.08.2012 dated and 13653 numbered Approval.

Master Plan study commissioned by our company was presented on16.12.2011 in the Council of Ministers meeting and after the meeting about the project on 17.01.2012 a consensus was reached on general terms and "agreement and the protocol text" belonging to the points to be done was prepared by the Ministry and sent to the concerned parties on 24.04.2012 to be signed.

According to the protocol mentioned, in accordance with the Approval T. C. of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning dated 13.06.2012; our company has been appointed as the Project Coordinator and Consultant Company of the Special Project Areas, Recreation Areas and Public Infrastructure Areas.

In this context, our company initiated "Urban Design and Urban Design Guidelines Project". In this context; Özgüven Design Consultancy Const. Co. Trade Ltd. Inc. and HOK International Limited firms has prepared Design Manual. One of the largest engineering consulting firm of Turkey Arup has prepared Engineering Report and specializes in its field Istanbul Engineering Trading Ltd. Co. has prepared Soil Survey Report. Commissioned studies were distributed to all stakeholders with an informational meeting held in the Ministry on 10.07.2012 and the project preparation process has started from then.