Emlak Konut


Ongoing Project


Merkez Ankara is the one of the biggest mixed-use project not only in Ankara but also in Turkey with a 125-acre project area on one single parcel; this project aims to bring a new perspective to the city life. Designed in unique sizes and adjacent to the National Garden, which will be the largest green area of ​​the city center with a size of 1.7 million m2, Merkez Ankara will be connected directly to the National Garden with a bridge and you will enjoy the most beautiful view of the city. experiencing the nature in your home.

Promising a city in a city with its outdoor Mall areas having a 600-meter shopping street, consisting of the stores by world famous brands, the city's most prestigious business towers and mesmerizing offices with A+ comfort feature and residences that change the sense of luxury in the heart of the capital, Merkez Ankara aims to be the new face of modern Ankara with its concept bearing the signatures of best architects of the world.

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