Emlak Konut


In 1953, a mentality that would lead the urbanization efforts of a country and improve the people’s life quality was born. In that year, Emlak Konut, the deep-rooted brand of the construction industry, started its journey of success. The corporate vision was decided to build environmentally conscious modern cities that add comfort to human life. With this purpose, Emlak Konut became the architect of many innovative practices in the industry.


Emlak Konut delivered many projects leaving a good example and traces for planned urbanization in our country. It built the most innovative neighborhoods of its era with projects so large that even their surroundings were named after them. This stable growth brought up a significant milestone as well. In 2002, Emlak Konut turned into a real estate investment company. This transformation was the herald for the giant projects, barnburners and becoming an even bigger company. After the establishment of the real estate investment company, Emlak Konut initiated 308 new projects that would have a broad effect on the world, embody environmentally conscious technologies and add value to cities. The number of units built and tendered since 2003 has reached 205.658


Emlak Konut was offered to the public twice, a breakthrough that would crown its rapid growth and take its goals to wider horizons. The initial offering in 2010 was among the 5 largest public offerings in the history of the Republic. The secondary public offering in 2013 was the largest public offering in real estate in Europe in the last 5 years. Growing with public offerings, Emlak Konut has further strengthened its place among Turkey's strongest companies with its paid-in capital of 3.8 billion lira and total assets of 121.5 billion lira as of September 2024.


Since its foundation, Emlak Konut has been taking firm steps towards the future with its increasing momentum, human-oriented corporate culture and its latest state. It is getting closer and closer to its goal of becoming Turkey’s pride as a global player in the world.