Emlak Konut


Ongoing Project


In the presence of nature, a natural and green life begins in Çekmeköy that will fascinate you with its energy and peace. Designed with a horizontal architectural approach, it comes to life for you to have a more peaceful and secure life.

With the project prepared in the concept of natural life with a green area of ​​138 thousand square meters, you will take a breath of fresh air and get away from the chaos of the city completely.

With important social facilities such as education areas, social facility area, private health facility area, kindergarten, prayer area next to the project, many opportunities for living will be right next to you. You will find many social opportunities together with children's playgrounds, swimming pool, sports and green areas. You will grow your vegetables in your garden and enjoy the natural life from every angle. This project, which will respond to every request with different apartment types from 1+1 to 5+1 will open new doors in your life.

With the Concept of Horizontal Architecture Every moment is safe and peaceful

Emlak Konut Çınarköy Evleri promises you a safe and peaceful life with its low-rise apartments that will come to life with a horizontal architectural understanding. You can enjoy the warm summer evenings by chatting with your loved ones on your private terrace, and you can find flowers etc. in your private garden. You will find the opportunity to live your dreams with apartments where you will grow plants, and detached houses that also include a private swimming pool, fitness center, male-female Turkish bath, sauna, steam room and social facilities including cafeterias.

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