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Evora Denizli project composes 2 educational institutions, 2 trade blocs and 6 housings, totaling 10 parcels. Approximately 1,500 luxurious housings, one private educational institution, one public school, and trade blocs that will meet basic and social needs will be constructed on a land with a total size of 115,291 thousand square meters within the scope of Evora Denizli project. Almost all features that are needed in the modern urban life by urbanites will be included in the project. Formed in line with an architecture that is based on humans, the project will cover 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 type flats. Gross sizes of the flats that open up to outdoor and refreshing living spaces with their large and spacious balconies will range between 84.37 m² and 201.06 m². Including Architectural Designs in Touch with Nature and Environment-Friendly Functions in its housings, educational institutions, trade blocs and recreational areas, Evora Denizli will also provide residents with opportunities to meet their social and basic needs. Natural life with intensive greenery and water feature that is used as an artificial organic pond designed in a way that will evoke serenity and peace to the hilt is the backbone of the project. A sustainable architecture was determined as the main criterion for the human and environment- sensitive functions to be offered by Evora Denizli. No concessions are made on functional, comfortable and high quality living spaces when meeting the most basic needs such as housing, security and privacy. In an attempt to produce intensive, spacious and refreshing living spaces with the project, vertical and horizontal blocks are used in a way that they complete each other. Looking out for visual harmony in the distribution of the buildings within the project area, special attention is paid to complete distinctive features with a single architectural expression. Adopting an architectural approach that values recycling and ensuring efficient use of energy resources, Evora Denizli project is based on buildings, which are equipped with systems that use solar power for illumination, recycle waste water and degrade waste materials. Larger green spaces are created on the surface by constructing the majority of parking areas as underground parking garages. 

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