Emlak Konut

F.A.Q. About Sales

Whereas cash collection is not performed at our company, it is possible to make payment from the credit card of the owner of the real estate.
You can make payments free of charge by stating your contract / customer ID number without any other information requirement at all branches of Vakıflar Bank (in the name of Emlak Konut GYO A.Ş. at corporate collection menu) as we have adopted Online collection system with Vakıflar Bank as of 01.07.2013. (Payments via online collection method is preferred as it is reflected on the system at the moment of payment even at the branch.)

Vakıflar Bankası Kadıköy Branch (12)
IBAN No: TR58 0001 5001 5800 7295 8848 41
Explanation: Contract/ customer ID no, customer name and surname must be stated.

Halk Bankası Caddebostan Branch
IBAN No: TR42 0001 2009 8750 0010 0000 41
Explanation: Contract/ customer ID no, customer name and surname must be stated.

Ziraat Bankası Anadolu Corporate Branch
IBAN No: TR74 0001 0019 4137 4619 5051 92
Explanation: Contract/ Customer ID No, customer name and surname must be stated.

You can track your payments from the “Online Transactions” menu at our website (www.emlakkonut.com.tr). In order for this, please click;

- “Online Transactions”
- “Click for Web Debt and Inquiry”

links respectively, you can track you debt and payment information from the pop up window after filling “Citizenship / Tax ID number”, “Contract/ Customer ID No” and “Security Code” information (online.emlakkonut.com.tr ).

Provided that the real estate is not accepted;

- You have the right of withdrawal from the hire purchase agreement without any reason and penalty within seven days as of the date of signing the purchase agreement for sales (by installments) of completed and deliverable real estates,

- You have the right of withdrawal from the purchase agreement (with down payment) without any reason and penalty within fourteen days as of the date of signing the purchase agreement of incomplete real estates. (It is not possible to refund the paid notary, fees as such expenses.)

In case our company delivered the real estate to you within this withdrawal period, you can exercise this right as required by an ordinary review; otherwise you cannot exercise the right of withdrawal.

It is sufficient to provide the seller with notification of exercising right of withdrawal via notary or registered letter with return receipt.

In case the real estate is bought partially or completely by a tied loan, the tied loan agreement take effect at the end of the withdrawal period inured as of the date of signing the agreement.

As a result of these transactions, you will be required to return all of your acquisitions within ten days as of the date our company returned the payment received from you and any documents obligating you.

In case the periods stated are exceeded (7 days for completed residents, 14 days for incomplete residents), the remaining balance after required deductions (forfeit, adequate price (rent), depreciation, notary fee, site management expenses, etc.) are refunded to buyer. In case the residence is bought via loan, the remaining balance is fully refunded to the bank.


You can follow project information and terms of sale of all real estates provided for sale under the assurance of our company from our website (www.emlakkonut.com.tr).
You may follow up our “current” and “completed” projects from the projects link on our website, and have access to visuals pertaining thereof.
You may also follow the “projects on sale” and “sales by lot” from the sales link on our website.

Detailed information on auctioned real estates (initial sales of plots and commercial units are auctioned) can be followed at “Auctions” “Sales Auctions” links respectively.

Payment options of the residences sold by our company differ on the basis of the project. There are different terms of sale for each project. Accordingly, one or more of “Cash Sale”, “Deferred Payment Sale” and “Sale on CPI” options are provided with our customers.

As an integral part of the preliminary real estate sales contract made between our company and buyers, the payment plans are designated at the time of initial sales. As the payment plan is finalized as of signing the contracts at notary, it is not possible to switch the payment plans.

The same situation applies for transfer of the real estate to third parties. I.e. as the person taking over is agreeing to the payment plan, articles, site lists, etc. of the preliminary real estate sale agreement signed with the initial buyer as it is, it is not possible to switch the payment plans.

You can decrease the amount or quantity of installments in case you pay more than the installment amount stated on payment plan. In order for these changes, it is sufficient to apply our company with a petition after affecting the payment (you cannot extent the term as a result of these transactions).

Increases on the CPI indexed sales are made on 1st and 7th month of every year. Unless our customers submit a petition or requested otherwise, excess payments are perceived as interim payments by our system without changing the remaining installment quantity.

In case your payment plan is at “Sale on CPI” option, an additional discount is not available via these interim payments. However, in case your payment plan is a “Deferred Payment Sale” based on an interest rate, interest discounts are made for the payments corresponding excess payment.

In cases where the installment payments will start at delivery date, CPI increases will be applied on the period from the date of the sale to date of delivery and installments will start as of delivery date. CPI increases during the non-payment period between the sale and delivery will be reflected on the balance at delivery date and the initial installment will be recalculated.