Emlak Konut

EMLAK KONUT GYO Vision & Mission


  • Maintain leader, primer and directive position in Domestic real-estate sector with developing corporate identity regularly,
  • To be one of the leading international real-estate investment partnership with getting up planned, qualified and environment-friendly city planning perception higher and higher in International Criterions,


  • As a leader and initiator of domestic real-estate sector with corporate identity to follow relevant domestic and international developments and innovations and lead real-estate sector,
  • To create settlements with modern city-planning, planned, sufficient and environment-friendly idea and where people can live in peace and safety with giving importance to social values and consumer satisfaction,
  • Care about personnel and shareholders` material and nonmaterial satisfaction,

Emblem of Estate Residence (Emlak Konut);

- Blue Are: The idea of planned, sufficient and modern city-planning, 

- Red Area: Comfortable and safe house quietness, 

- Green Area: Tenderness to green and environment,